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Good People's February Newsletter

Dear Families and Household Staff, Can you believe that it is March already? We have had a busy month that included not one, but two workshops. We hope that you have had an enjoyable and happy month as we start to leave Winter behind us and move towards Spring.

What’s Been Happening in February?

Time Management Workshop.

At the beginning of the month we held our first workshop of the year. This workshop was an opportunity for our Nannies and Housekeepers to focus on organisation for the year ahead.

We began by discussing how we already manage our daily tasks and how we could structure these more effectively. We divided our focuses between Organisation, Cleaning, Cooking and Childcare. As a group we looked at ways of organising our week into manageable chunks, how to clean efficiently and to a high standard, as well as sharing some great cleaning secrets. Methods for planning our meals and menus were explained as well as researching menus, recipes and follow up recipes together.

Learning new methods and skills is so important, at the same time as learning from each other. Visual timetables, activities, tips, skills and how to use valuable resources were modelled in our Childcare section. We concluded with a fun quiz, where one of our Nannies won a ‘30 Minute Meals’ Recipe book.

It was wonderful to have a chance during our discussion at the end of the workshop for individuals to ask questions about their personal roles and receive help and suggestions from everyone involved.We were so pleased to receive positive feedback from all who attended, "First a thank you for organising these meetings, thank you to all at Good People. I am happy I have learned some new things and will be happy to join you more and more." R.S

Basics of Baking Workshop

We had a fantastic time at our Basics of Baking workshop. Our second workshop of 2020 was an opportunity for our Nannies and Housekeepers to learn some new recipes and baking skills.

We had cooks of varying ability, some who were keen to add to what they already knew and some who wanted to revisit their baking skills.

We kicked things off with a basic, easy, delicious, and freezer friendly muffin recipe. We baked Fruit Burst Muffins and went on to explain that once you know this master muffin recipe you can make any muffin you love! We looked at other recipes, such as Apple and Cinnamon and Lemon and Poppyseed.

A continuing theme through this workshop was vocabulary used in baking and in recipes. Cooking can be challenging especially when the language is not the same. This was a big focus in our Measuring and Converting part of the workshop.

Once our 3 different types of icing were made it was time to decorate! A classic Victoria sponge or a Vanilla Cheesecake are very simple to make and can be made to look extra special for a celebration.

A large focus for this workshop was encouraging children to bake and to learn alongside their Nannies in the kitchen. We studied the many benefits for children learning to cook, these included, language development, enhanced fine motor skills and improved maths and reading skills.

A fun way to finish our workshop was of course to taste and enjoy our bakes! This included a game of guessing the secret ingredient in our Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle Cake.

All who attended fedback that this was an interesting, fun and educational experience, and are looking forward to next month's workshop.

"Thank you, for the excellent presentation! You have done a great job. It was super tasty and helpful." G.D

What's Happening in March?

Our next workshop this year will be held on 31st March at 7.30 am, Rue de Contamines 40, 1206 Genève.

The focus for our next workshop will be

Special Surface Care.

The workshop will be suitable for full and part-time Nannies and Housekeepers. This would be a great opportunity for your Nanny or Housekeeper to learn some new skills, in How to Clean: Wood, Silver, Glass, Marble, Chrome, Screens and AV equipment and How to Remove: Coffee stains, Red Wine stains, etc.

For more information on our workshops and our Good People Academy Calendar please do not hesitate to contact Sophie,

Early booking is recommended as spaces are limited.

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