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Sleeping -Recommendations for Toddlers and Children

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Just as with adults, children’s sleep needs vary somewhat from one individual to another, but some general guidelines do apply. As children move from the baby phase to the toddler stage, and then to the elementary school and early middle school years, their sleep needs decline a bit. Yet, they still need a lot of shut-eye for their growing brains and bodies.

Jimmy Liao Illustration

One to three years Toddlers usually take shorter naps, one or two hours, so they will increase their sleep during the night, in an average of 10 to 13 hours. You must maintain a routine of activities before sleep: the bathroom, dinner, story, music (relaxing) and sleep! It is a ritual that will help the little ones understand that the act of sleeping is an activity and a necessity. At two years old, the child will be able to choose the pajamas he wants to wear, the stuffed animal or the toy he wants to sleep with and the story he wants to tell him. That will make you part of the routine.

Three to six years At 3 years old, children usually take a nap in one hour, and at night they need 10 to 12 hours of sleep to feel rested. After four years, many already stop taking a nap. It depends a lot on the character and needs of each child.

Six to nine years During these years, children need approximately 10 hours of sleep at night. It is important that before the children go to bed, enjoy a moment in private with their parents to talk, share secrets, stories or music. It is a good way to prepare them for sleep.

10 to 12 years old At these ages, children only need about 9 hours of sleep at night. Everything will depend on how relaxed or tired you are.

And again, a story from Jimmy Liao to help us to dream:

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