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How Your Housekeeper Can Help You Prepare for Christmas

At Good People we believe that an organised November leads to a calm December - and isn’t calm really all any of us wants for Christmas? The key to getting organised for the upcoming festive season is preparation - and asking for a little bit of help.

Your housekeeper is there to support you in your home and work with you to keep things running smoothly. So as the holiday approaches, take some time to sit down with her and draw up a list of things you would like to have done in the home over the next few weeks in preparation for the busy time ahead.

Here are some of the things we have at the top of our Housekeepers’ Festive To-Do list.

1. Prepare the guest room

If you have family coming for Christmas, it’s really never too early to start preparing the guest room. Dust the furniture, freshen up the linen, clear the closet space, and then close the door and tick it off your list as done. The only last-minute task will be to put fresh flowers in the room on the day they arrive.

2. Help you prepare the space for decorations

Getting the Christmas decorations out and making your home festive is one of the most fun things about Christmas. But like an artist, you need to prepare your canvas first. Are there piles of shoes cluttering up the hallway? Is the sitting room crowded with toys and puzzle boxes? Can you hardly see your dining room table for piles papers? Work with your housekeeper to clear the clutter and prepare the spaces in your home so that when it’s time to decorate, all of the twinkling lights will have their time to shine.

3. Clear the refrigerator and pantry for what’s to come

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Christmas and food - and lots of it! - go hand in hand. There will be plenty of food prepared over the holidays - and probably plenty of leftovers. Do a meal-prep list for the next few weeks to ensure you use up what’s left in the fridge and then ask your housekeeper to clean it and make sure there’s plenty of space for what’s to come.

4. Prepare the kitchen

Over the holidays, your kitchen is likely to be the hardest-working room in your house. On your kitchen to-do list should be cleaning the oven and microwave, sweeping under counters and difficult-to-reach spaces, sanitising the bin (and ensuring you have plenty of bin bags at hand), and clearing out all of the recycling. Having all of these tasks completed will give you a fresh start and an organised space in which to think clearly. Let the festive cooking and baking begin!

5. Make sure you’re caught up on all the laundry and wardrobes are organised

When you have guests, doing laundry is the last thing on your mind. Work with your housekeeper to get caught up on the laundry so that when it’s all piled up again after Christmas it doesn’t take too long to get on top of. If there are any particular outfits you’re planning for yourself or your children to wear over Christmas, get them out and make sure they’re clean, pressed and ready. If you’re going away over the holidays, perhaps she could help you prepare the clothes you need to pack and make sure everybody has what they need.

6. Clear the toy cupboards

The run-up to Christmas is the perfect time to do an audit of the children’s toy cupboard. This task can be overwhelming, so have your housekeeper help you work through it methodically - when the children are otherwise occupied! Sort toys into groups including items that are broken, toys they’ve outgrown, and items they still play with. Then throw away, donate and keep as appropriate. You will be so glad that you got this job done before all the Christmas presents are added to the mix, making it even more overwhelming.

7. Plan for post-holiday cleanup

If you’re hosting any parties over the festive season, plan with your housekeeper that she is able to come and help you with the clean-up the following day. This task may be over-and above her usual remit, so prepare her in advance so that she knows what to expect, and of course, remunerate her for the extra work she’s taking on. Anybody would expect the same respect from their employer when being asked to go the extra mile.

It’s important to bear in mind all that your housekeep already has on her plate in her daily job, and ensure that this conversation is collaborative and two-sided. She needs to be able to give you her input - she is, after all, the expert! Once you’ve shared your to-do list with her, trust her to do what she’s there to do, which is to make your life easier and help take some of the stress out of the holidays.

Download your free Holiday Housekeeping Checklist:

Good People Holiday Housekeeping Checklist
Download PDF • 27.65MB

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