Long term

CHF 2800 / placement

- Our most popular package. 

- Ideal for families looking for long-term staff to join their family.

- Includes a personal meeting to establish your needs, assisting and arranging of candidate interviews, finalising employment contacts and providing support for legal and social requirements.

short term

CHF 250 / week

- Ideal for families that need a fast and reliable childcare solution.

- We will send you send you someone right away. They will be qualified and experienced and in case it's not an ideal fit, let us know and we'll send you someone else.


CHF 4500 / placement 

- This package works the same as the long-term placement however once you have chosen your ideal candidate, we provide them with the necessary training.

- This allows you to focus your selection on personality-fit. The training she will receive will be recent and relevant to the job.  

- Ideal for families that are looking for specific skills such as cooking, newborn care, sleep training, home management.


Once you have decided to use our agency, a CHF 200 non-refundable registration fee is required to begin a search. When a new nanny search request comes in, we quickly start sending out enquiries, scouring our database, and arranging interviews. To ensure that we are investing our time and resources in the clients that are serious about their childcare search, we charge this small fee.