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Reliable help, whenever you need it

Trained and trusted nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, cooks, drivers. At your service 365 days of the year!

Mother & Daughter
About us, Lindy - Founder of Good-People

In today’s world, it’s not easy being a parent - and it’s even harder to find good, reliable, and affordable childcare.


I am a mother of three children and a South African. When it comes to hiring, I believe in two fundamental ingredients: 1) finding the right personality fit; there is training for everything else; and 2) Treating candidates like gold. The nannies that I grew up with are still a part of my life, and the staff members whom I have hired as an adult, have all been incredible women who offer our family great support and care. From mutual respect, comes trust. And trust is invaluable!


Good People has been providing top notch child care and housekeeping services to families around Geneva and Vaud since 2013. Our mission: to ensure that we match you with a capable, professional and friendly caregiver who shares your family values.


All candidates go through a vetting procedure, and all written references are verified. We guarantee your family will receive the best possible care.

It's all about


We are a domestic staffing agency specialising in introducing high quality household assistance.

We pride ourselves in collaborating only with skilled, trustworthy candidates who have successfully undergone a series of written and verbal verifications.

"No-one loves recruitment, as much as we do" 

How It Works 

Simple, fast and professional

Trained and vetted staff that match your family values

Our Process 


The Cover

Your Needs

By discussing your preferences and requirements, we can create the right job profile for your family and source candidates that will stay for the long-term.

We send you to a selection of candidates picked specifically for your job. You pick the best. 

People take holidays, people get sick and people leave jobs. When that happens, we will find you replacements or a new hire.

The Extras

Access to the staff training academy 

Uniform & Etiquette

Quarterly Inspections and Feedbacks

End-of-year debriefs


and more

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