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A Team of Very Good-People

Good-People Team
Our Values


Training and Education 

Fast, Friendly & Professional Service

Our Story

I created Good-People because in today’s world, it’s not easy being a parent - and it’s even harder to find good, reliable, and affordable childcare.​ I wanted to improve and modernise the way traditional agencies worked.

It all started when I was on maternity leave for my second child. I had just sold my first start-up, ServiceAtHome and was looking for my next project. I had a few ideas of how I wanted to run Good People. I wanted recruitment to be a more personal experience and I wanted it to be fast, friendly and professional. I redesigned the process and invented the "SpeedSession".

Today, I work with three amazing women who are experts in recruiting and guiding our candidates, and in finding the right fit for the families we meet. Ana manages and
coordinates all our processes, candidates, content and support. Laura and Celia help match families to their ideal candidate. 

Our team extends also to all the candidates that we have met and gotten to know over the past years. We have built a community of great-people and it keeps on growing.

One of our key values it to keep innovating and optimising. Over the past year, as I listened to my customers, I noticed similar concerns surfacing. Families would talk about training, about not having help when their nannies took holidays. They would worry about their nanny leaving the job after a short time or be concerned about delivering feedback and discussing compensation. 

After listening to all of this feedback, we decided to create the Good-People Club, a 12 month membership - that addresses all of our clients’ concerns and gives them
an infinite guarantee, with the best service possible.

As we continue to grow, we hope to meet you along the way.


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