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Children's Books About Inclusion, Equality and Diversity

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

'Diversity is about ALL of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together. It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.’

Here are some lovely books to help educate at home about inclusion, diversity and equality.

All Are Welcome By Alexandra Penfold

All Are Welcome lets young children know that no matter what, they have a place, they have a space, they are welcome in their school.

Age range: 4 - 8 Years

Lovely By Jess Hong Big, small, curly, straight, loud, quiet, smooth, wrinkly. Lovely explores a world of differences that all add up to the same thing: we are all lovely! Age range: 4 - 8 Years

Best Friends, A Pop Up Book By Mark Chambers

A positive celebration of friendship for all children, including those with special needs.

Age range: 3 - 5 Years

The Great, Big Book of Families By Mary Hoffman This fun and fascinating treasury features all kinds of families and their lives together. Age range: 4 - 8 Years

Something Happened in Our Town: A Child's Story About Racial Injustice By Ann Hazzard, Marianne Celano, and Marietta Collins Something Happened in Our Town follows two families — one White, one Black — as they discuss a police shooting of a Black man in their community. Age range: 4 - 8 Years

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History By Vashti Harrison This beautifully illustrated New York Times bestseller introduces readers of all ages to 40 women who changed the world. Age range: 8 - 12 Years

The Whispering Town By Jennifer Elvgren The dramatic story of neighbors in a small Danish fishing village who, during the Holocaust, shelter a Jewish family waiting to be ferried to safety in Sweden. Age range: 7 - 11 Years

Separate Is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez and Her Family’s Fight for Desegregation By Duncan Tonatiuh An American citizen of Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage who spoke and wrote perfect English, Mendez was denied enrollment to a “Whites only” school. Age range: 6 - 9 Years

The Day You Begin By Jacqueline Woodson A poignant, yet heartening book about finding courage to connect, even when you feel scared and alone. Age range: 5 – 8 Years

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