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Terms and Conditions - Client

We consider that these Terms and Conditions are formally accepted by
paying the initial scouting fee of CHF 199.00
If you have any questions or require further clarification regarding our Terms
& Conditions please contact us via email at


1.0 Contract
1.1 The below Terms & Conditions are a legal binding agreement between you
as the client and Good-People as the agency. This is for Good People Sarl
1.2 Completion of the following – paying the deposit - is instant acceptance
of the agency Terms & Conditions.
1.3 The word “Good-People” refers to Good People Sarl (Agency)
1.4 The word “Client” refers to the person/family using Good-People services.
1.5 The words “Candidates”, “Babysitter”, “Nanny” and/or "Household Staff"
refer to any person that Good-People introduces to the client.
1.6 The Terms & Conditions are the terms of which Good-People offers the
client access to the services and use of the Good-People website and
agency. By registering with Good-People the client agrees to abide by these
Terms & Conditions. If the client does not agree to abide by these Terms &
Conditions, then the client must refrain from using the Good-People website
and its services.


2.0 Client Obligations
2.1 Any correspondence, communication either verbally, written or via email
is confidential and the client agrees not to disclose to third parties.
2.2 The client agrees that Good-People requires our candidates to be in a
safe, warm and friendly environment.
2.3 Where Good-People (in its absolute discretion) believes that there is
sufficient negative feedback or feedback is of a concerning nature regarding
the client, then Good-People will refrain from referring any candidates.
2.4 The client agrees to pay petrol and parking fees if applicable.

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2.5 Client agrees to notify the agency immediately if a nanny has been
introduced via a third party (such as another agency, another website,
advert). Failing to inform the agency will result in full placement fees if the
nanny has been employed by the client.
2.6 The agency that first introduces the candidate, via any medium of
communication will be due to the placement fees.
2.7 Once the client offers employment to one of Good-People candidates –
the client understands a placement fee will apply.
2.8 Client agrees to enter into an employment contract with the candidate
and abide by all statutory obligations of employment.
2.9 Client agrees that they are the employer of the candidate – not the
2.10 Clients are solely responsible for the following
2.11.1 Abiding by all the statutory obligations for employing a candidate.
2.11.2 Full-time, casual or part-time income tax payment.
2.11.3 AHV, Insurances, Pensions and Taxes
2.12 The Client is solely responsible for ensuring that the Candidate is eligible
to work in the client's country and for obtaining and paying for any relevant
work permits/visas/immigration requirements that may be necessary and
for arranging any medical examinations or investigations into the medical
history and health or travel insurance where applicable.

3.0 Fees
3.1 Fees are payable in Swiss Francs.
3.2 Good-People invoices for their services in three stages.
1) Initial Scouting fee: CHF 199. This amount may be paid directly online
or via wire transfer and covers the initial set-up and advertising costs.
The recruiting process begins once Good-People has received this
2) Final Placement Fee: The final placement fee represents the
remaining outstanding fees and is due at the moment that the Client
indicates their intention to hire one of the candidates provided by Good
People. The final placement fee is to be settled within 14 days of
invoicing. Our placement fees are success based which means that if
you stop the search mid-way; there will not be any additional fees to
pay. We only charge the final fee on the successful signing of an
employment contract.

3.3 Good-People holds the right not to dispatch a candidate if the agency
fee has not been received via online payment or Internet banking and in the
agency's bank account within 24 hours of the due date indicated on the
3.3 Placement fees are to be paid prior to the candidate commencing work.
3.4 The invoice will be sent via email with payment due within 14 business
3.5 Good-People holds the right to withhold the start date of the candidate if
the agency fee has not been paid.
3.6 Client agrees to inform the agency if a trial requires additional days or
extended hours from the initial request.
3.7 Good-People reserves the right to increase our agency fees at any time.
4.0 Cancellation Policy
4.1 A “SpeedSession” is a meeting whereby the agency Good-People
introduces the client to a selection of Candidates in one sitting. The date of
the SpeedSession is fixed in advance and usually take approximately 2 - 2.5
hours. SpeedSessions take place at the Good-People office, unless physically
or logistically not possible.
4.2 If cancellation of the Speedsession is made within less than 48 hours of
the start time, a CHF 150 fee will be charged to the client. Candidates often
have to take time off from their existing jobs to attend SpeedSessions, and as
such cancellations can be problematic.
4.3 Good-People cannot be held responsible for cancellations or no-shows
of a Candidate.
4.4 Overdue accounts will incur a penalty interest of 24% per annum and if
referred to a collection agency additional costs will be incurred, which is the
client’s responsibility.
4.5 If the employee cancels employment before the start date, Good-People
will be required to find a suitable replacement within a reasonable amount of
4.6 If a temporary placement is cancelled within 24 hours of the start date a
total of 50% of the total candidate's wage is due to the candidate.
4.7 Good-People reserves our rights to cancel immediately any Good-People
services if Good-People candidates have been mistreated, working in an
unsafe environment or are harmed in any way.
5.0 Refunds & Guarantee

5.1 Although Good-People has high expectations of our candidates and we
aim to provide you with exceptional candidates there is still no complete
guarantee of reliability, honesty and character of the candidate provided by
the agency. Any concerns, please contact us immediately.
5.2.1 Good People offers a 6-month guarantee for full-time positions
package. The 6 month guarantee period for full-time positions or equivalent
to the period you're hiring for. The guarantee begins from the first day of
work of the employee or the date that the employment contract is signed,
whichever happens first.
5.2 The replacements for Placements will only be applicable to invoices
settled within the 14 day payment period.
5.3 The Agency fees are non-refundable. Should the Candidate leave the
employment within the guarantee period, the Agency will offer up to two
replacement Candidates free of charge. The Agency shall provide the Client
with up to three candidate profiles for free replacement. Such profiles will be
selected based on the information originally provided in the client’s job
request and will be provided within two months of notification. The agency
accepts no liability and is not obliged to offer a Replacement or any refund if
the Client finds the candidates unacceptable and does not want to engage
any of the potential Candidates.
5.4 Replacements will only be given to the Client if the Client has informed
the Agency by email of the fact within seven days of the date the
employment was terminated/ended.
5.5 The guarantee does not apply if the employee has left the position due to
unreasonable working conditions, change of location, change of job
description, change of mind or if Good-People believes the candidate has
been mistreated in any way.
5.6 No refunds will be given if a temporary or permanent placement has
been reduced after the start date.
5.7 Replacements will only be given to the Client if the Client has provided
the Agency with the signed copy of the contract.

6.0 Liability

6.1 By using the Good-People Agency the client expressly authorises Good-
People to collect and publish information about them as detailed in these

Terms & Conditions and the client expressly waive any rights, whether in
statute or at common law, to bring any legal action against Good-People as
a result of Good-People's publication of such information, whether the client
considers that information to be fair and accurate or not.
6.2 Good-People acts as an agent for the client, not as an employer of the

candidate. Therefore the agency accepts no liability or responsibility for
accident, injury, loss, damage or misconduct sustained by candidate, clients
or any other persons and by employing a candidate or booking a babysitter
through Good-People, The Client agrees to exclude the agency should any
mishap occur.
6.3 Good-People endeavours to validate the background of our candidates.
We cannot guarantee that all the information is correct. Good-People
Agency conducts background checks, conducts interviews, and ensures the
candidates hold or are willing to obtain a current first aid and criminal
screening. The Client will be responsible for taking up references and
obtaining confirmation of qualifications and shall satisfy him or herself as to
the actual suitability of any candidate introduced by the Agency for the
specific position offered.
6.4 The Client is responsible for ensuring that their home contents insurance
includes cover for Employers and Public Liability insurance for domestic
workers, including childcare.
6.5 Good-People website may contain links to third-party advertisements
and links to third-party sites. Access to any other Internet site linked to
Good-People website is at the client's own risk. Good-People accepts no
responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information, opinions, or
statements made in any third-party advertisements or on any third-party

6.6 Any outside users from other countries can access this website – Good-
People makes no representation, the client expressly waives any rights

whether in statute or at common law, to bring any legal action against
Good-People as a result of Good-People's publication of content within this
website. The clients are responsible for ensuring compliance with all laws
where they are located.

7.0 Confidentiality


7.1 Good-People accepts online payments using Stripe - Stripe has been
audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider
Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the
payments industry.
7.2 All communication between both parties (Agency and Clients) shall
remain confidential.
7.3 Good-People requires the client to provide accurate details of their
address, contact details and full name.
8.0 Warranties and Indemnities

8.1 The Client is not and will not hold themselves out as an agent of Good-
People on any basis.

8.2 No warranty is given for the suitability honesty and capability, the
character of any candidates.
8.3 We make no warranties or representations as to the quality, accuracy or
completeness of the content on the site or the information otherwise
provided by any member.
8.4 The client is fully responsible for employment and/or contracting
arrangements with the candidate and all or any legal responsibilities owed
by them to the nanny or babysitter including without limitation any
employment obligation or contractual responsibilities.
8.5 The Client will hold Good-People harmless against any claims arising out
of any claims brought against it arising from the Client’s dealings with and
treatment of the nanny or babysitter howsoever arising.
8.6 While Good-People uses reasonable endeavours to ensure that the site is
available 24 hours a day, Good-People does not make any representations
or warranties that your access will be uninterrupted or error free. Access to
the site may be suspended temporarily without notice in the case of system
failure, web hosting errors, maintenance or repair or any reason beyond our

9.0 Disputes
9.1 Good-People prefer to resolve any disputes via mediation. Firstly contact
your area office that the service was booked through.
9.2 If your local office fails to effectively respond or resolve the client's
complaint – please contact Head office at with full
9.3 Disclaimer: The Client releases from any liability in the
event of complaints from candidates, applicants and intermediate
collaborators as well as third parties linked to the selection of candidates
and collaborators.
10.0 Copyright and Trademarks
10.1 All content on Good-People website – texts, graphics, images, HMTL
codes and other material (collectively the “Material”) are protected by
international copyright laws and remain the exclusive property of Good
People Sarl

11.0 Governing Law

11.1 The Terms & Conditions shall be governed in accordance with the laws of
Switzerland and users hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the
Courts of that state.

Good-People Agency reserves the right to Change our Terms & Conditions at any stage.

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