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5 essential tips for traveling with a nanny

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Help the nanny make your vacation lighter.

2) Meals. Are your kids of the age where they are still flinging frites over their shoulders and needing to walk around the restaurant while the food is being prepared. If so, you probably want to have your nanny eat meals with you; or at least have her eat with the children. Whatever your holiday meal schedule is, let your nanny know whether she will be eating with you as a family; or alone with the kids or a mix. It really helps things run smoothly and for the nanny not to feel out of place.

3) Sleeping arrangements. Just like anyone, our nanny appreciated knowing her sleeping arrangements in advance. She was happy to share a room with the children, and just as happy having her own space; however knowing the plan in advance meant that she could prepare for it packing-wise (earphones for her ipad to watch shows at night; kindle and of course funny pjs with flamingos all over it that the kids loved!)

4) Take 2. Last year, we were vacationing with friends in a shared villa. Our kids were of similar ages and it was clear from the outset that we were going to need at least two nannies to manage the brood and enable some serious parental kicking-back. Initially, each family was going to bring their own nanny. And then…...idea of the century! We found two young student girls that were friends. They spent the week totally delighted. It was the dream student job. They were delighted to be sharing a room, they loved entertaining the kids on the beach and in the pool; when they had some down-time, they went out exploring together. It was amazing! Happy nannies, happy kids, extremely happy parents.

5) Flights. Ever arrive in the aisle of the aircraft, with 6 meters of impatient travellers behind you and then your kids, husband and nanny stare and ask "so how should we sit?". And that's when the fights start "no, I want to sit next to mom" "you did last time", "I want the window", "I want my ipad", "what's this bag for", "madame, AVANCEZ", "do you have some water", "i forgot to feed my bunny".....Good news, its avoidable. I learnt that after my 7th trip - not because I'm a slow learner but because as a mother, the entire category of "vacation" and all its related parts is by default my responsibility. And since I've had to think of so many things, the planning of the in-flight seating just seems to have slipped my mind. You'd think that everyone could just be happy that we made it onto the right flight without leaving Fred (the offspring that didn't feed the bunny) behind? Well... So yes, I know it's tough to remember this tip; but it's a good one. So, if you do remember to tell the kids and the nanny at the gate that they will be sitting together; then congratu-vacasha-lations! The minute the trolly comes along, order yourself one of those tiny bad boys of gin with some tonic, squeeze your husband's hand, whip out the book you started in 2013, and bon voyage!

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1 commentaire

Josephine Bangug
18 mars 2020

this is a very practical guide for both the nanny and the employers

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