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6 Tips for a Great Holiday With Your Nanny

family of a father and mother and a little girl on vacation

There are many reasons a family may choose to travel with their nanny. Some may consider it the ultimate luxury, for others it might be a necessity. Perhaps you need to be able to step away and work for a few hours here and there while your family is on vacation, or maybe you have one much younger child who needs to take naps while the others play on the beach or go sightseeing. Whatever the reason, having another set of adult eyes and hands is always hugely helpful, and in many cases it is the presence of your nanny that makes a perfect, relaxing family vacation possible.

However, as with every transaction between you and your nanny, clear communication from the start will avoid the potential for stress on both sides. If you have never approached your nanny about joining you on vacation before, here are a few things to consider which will ensure the experience is a smooth and enjoyable one for you all.

Planning a trip with a map and coffees on a table.

1. Communicate her duties clearly

When you ask your nanny to travel with you on holiday, make sure are able to clearly articulate and communicate what will be expected of her. Will she travel with you? Will she be expected to lend a hand on the flight? Will she be with you in a childcare capacity only, or would you like for her to tidy up after the family in the holiday villa and do some cooking? If she knows what she’s agreeing to, you can all relax.

2. Be clear about her hours

Right from the start, make sure you both know what hours will be expected of her, and be specific on this. How many hours a day will she be on duty? Which hours will these be? When will she have time off? Will she take her usual days off when you’re away together, or would you like to adjust these for the period of your vacation? Will she babysit some evenings, and if so, which evenings will these be? Everybody works more efficiently and effectively when they know what hours are expected of them, and it’s no different for your nanny when she’s travelling with your family.

3. Remember, for her it’s a business trip

Your family is on vacation, but your nanny isn’t. No matter how nice the destination, remember that for your nanny this is not a holiday - she is working and this is her livelihood. Don’t be tempted to think that because she is on a beach in the sunshine building sandcastles with your kids, she isn’t working just as hard as she does when she’s in your home. No matter how much fun she’s having and how much she loves your children, she is a professional and for her this is work, not a holiday.

4. Come to an agreement about her accommodation

Make sure you communicate whether your nanny will be staying in a room of her own, or if you would like her to share with your children. Everybody has different feelings about this subject, and ensure she feels comfortable to let you know if she has a specific preference. If you put yourself in her shoes, you can usually avoid any unnecessary tension.

nanny in a room hotel next to the swimming pool

5. Let us help you set up your perfect vacation scenario

At Good People, these are the kinds of conversations we specialise in. If you need some help setting a schedule, list of expectations and compensation package for your nanny on your family vacation, we can help ensure everybody is happy, and you’re all set for the perfect, relaxing holiday. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we’re all looking forward to precious time spent in the sunshine with our families. Your nanny wants that as much as you do! The most important thing to remember is that if she is comfortable and happy, she is going to be at her best when your children need her. And that’s what holidays are all about.

Good People is a domestic staffing agency specialising in introducing high quality household assistance. We provide a simple, fast and professional service to recruit trained and vetted staff who match your family values. To discuss what we can do for you, or to join the Good People Club, get in touch today.


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