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40 Rue de Contamines

Genève 1206


Families, we understand that it's hard to know if you want to commit to a full hiring process if you've never seen the kind of candidates we work with.

Send us some info about what you need and we will send you a selection of relevant CVs.

Candidates, are you motivated, professional and eager to work with great families? Apply with the candidate form on the left.


We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a full-time employee in Switzerland in 2023 working a 45 hour effective week?

Hiring a nanny-housekeeper in Switzerland can vary in cost depending on several factors; however as a ball-point figure, the minimum wage in Geneva in 2023 for a 45 hr week is CHF 4680/month gross wage. Families also need to consider the social charges that amount to approximately 15% on top of the gross wage (ie CHF 5200/month total cost). Qualified candidates will usually have higher salary expectations.

How much are the placement fees (full-time and part-time)?

Our fees vary on the complexity of the job as well as if its full-part-time, however as a rough guide, we charge between 9 - 12% of gross annual compensation for full-time jobs and 12-18% of gross annual compensation for part-time jobs; with a minimum placement fee of CHF 2800. Our fees are success based which means you only pay if you find your perfect candidate. Fees are subject to VAT at 7.7% in Switzerland.

Do you charge a registration fee?

Yes, we charge CHF 199 as a registration fee; however we deduct this amount from the total fees if you hire with us. The reason for this small upfront fee is that in order to find you the best candidates, we need to advance an ad spend across various online marketing channels such as google ads, paid job-boards, social media paid advertising as well as content creation for the job. 

Do also you find temporary staff?

Yes of course. For temporary staff for corporate events, hotels, weddings, or even if your current nanny is away; we will help you find excellent candidates and guarantee coverage for the time required to give you full peace of mind. Our temporary placement fees amount to CHF 500/week.  

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