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Easter Fun For All

Updated: May 22, 2020

With our current situation our Easter Weekends may look very different to what we had planned or traditionally do. Changed plans can feel very disappointing. Let’s keep smiling and keep those little ones happy with some easy-to-do Easter Crafts. No need to rush to the shops for special items, here are some super, simple activities you can make at home this weekend. 

Fingerprint Bunnies and Chicks

You will need: 

  • Card or paper

  • Paint

  • Black felt tip pen


  1. Dip your fingers in the paint and press onto the paper or card.  

  2. Dip your thumb into a different colour of paint and press onto the paper or card. 

  3. When the thumb and finger prints have dried, use the pen to draw a beak, wings, legs  and eyes onto the finger prints to make them into chicks and draw bunny ears, eyes, a fluffy tail, nose, whiskers  and paws onto the thumb print to make them into bunnies. 

Paper Plate Bunny Mask

You will need:

  • Paper plate x 2

  • Sticky tape or glue

  • Decorative paints or pens

  • Paper

  • Pom pom

  • Pipe cleaner or straws

  • Scissors


  1. Cut one of the paper plates in half. These two halves will become the ears. 

  2. Paint the paper plates with your chosen colour. 

  3. Once the paper plates are dry attach the two paper plate halves to the back of the other paper plate to make the bunny ears. 

  4. Stick the pipe cleaner or straw whiskers, pom pom nose and cut out paper eyes with glue.

Recycled Toilet Roll Easter Bunny Stamp

You will need:

  • Paint 

  • Toilet rolls 

  • Glue

  • Paper

  • Felt tips 


  1. Fold one side of a toilet paper roll to a sharp point and then do the same for a second toilet roll for the ears.  

  2. Use glue to stick them to the circular toilet roll.  

  3. When the glue has dried, dip the toilet roll bunny into the paint and stamp onto the paper. 

  4. Once the paint has dried add eyes, nose and whiskers on to your Easter bunny stamps.

Egg Box Easter Chicks

You will need:

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Egg box 

  • Paint 

  • Black felt tip pen

  • Yellow or orange card or paper


  1. Cut out two egg box cups and glue a piece of paper to each half, acting as a hinge.

  2. Paint the egg box cups with your chosen colour inside and outside. 

  3. Take small pieces of card or paper, fold into a flap and cut into triangles for the beak.

  4. Stick the beak onto the top egg box cup. 

  5. With the paper or card, cut into feet and stick to the bottom cup.  

  6. Using a black pen, draw small eyes.

Cotton Wool Bunny 

You will need:

  • Cotton Balls

  • Photo of your child’s face 

  • Cardboard backing (for sturdiness)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Paint

  • Paint Brush

  • White Paper


  1. Find a photo of your child's face.

  2. Cut out a Bunny silhouette out of some cardboard.

  3. Make some bunny feet by painting the bottoms for your child's feet, and get them to step on a piece of plain white paper. Leave to dry.

  4. Paint the ears of the bunny and leave to dry.

  5. Glue your child's face onto the bunny’s head.

  6. Dip the cotton balls into the glue, and then place on the bunny’s body. 

  7. Cut out the foot prints and glue them on top of the cotton balls at the bottom of the bunny body. 

Painted Eggs

You will need:

  • Eggs

  • Paint

  • Paint brush


  1. Boil the eggs for 15 minutes. 

  2. Paint one half of the egg any design you want.

  3. When it has dried, paint the other half of the egg. 

  4. Allow the eggs to dry.

Enjoy and Happy Easter everyone!

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