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The Perks to Being a Live-In Nanny

Updated: May 22, 2020

Have you considered being a live-in nanny? It's a great opportunity to work closely with a family, gain valuable experience and become an even better child care provider.

Thought about it in the past?

We have had a lot of experience with working with both families that needed a live-in nanny, as well as nannies that knew it was the role for them. It takes a special kind of person to become a nanny. You have to love taking care of children and love being around them. It can be a physically demanding role, but being a nanny can be the most rewarding job. The rewards for this position are endless.

The benefits to being a Live-In Nanny:

You Become Part of a Another Family Yes, it's a business relationship, but one of the biggest benefits of working as a live-in nanny is getting to see the children you care for grow and develop. Especially if the children that you are caring for are very young. Milestones are plentiful when young children learn new things and develop everyday, being part of that growth and giving an input to that child is very rewarding. Also, if your live-in arrangement is with a family who cares for you and respects your work, you will develop a mutually caring relationship.

You Can Save Money

Working as a live-in nanny means that you have no rent to pay, or utilities to worry about and you usually won’t have to spend much money on food. Although a live-in nanny usually makes less on average per hour than a live-out nanny, your room and board are paid for. That means the extra money you end up with can go right into your bank account for saving or towards student loans.

You Will Get Time Alone

A common fear with some nannies is that a live-in role means that you will never get a break or time alone. Many of our live-in nannies have shared with us that this really isn’t the case. Don’t forget that families will want some time together alone without their nanny. Families understand how hard you work and breaks, hours and days will all be agreed in a contract before you begin working for the family.  

You Can Receive Professional Development Parents want the best for their children and home life. Some employers may pay for you to take classes, or training. For example, we have had some employers offer to pay for driving lessons for their nanny, or for first aid training. We have also had a lot of interest from both Parents, Nannies and Housekeepers alike for our Good People Workshops. For information regarding our Training Calendar, contact

You Can Advance Your Career If good quality child care experience is important for next steps in your career then the experience you gain by living in someone's home can easily translate into experience for roles with increasing responsibility, such as a Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Nursery Nurse, Maternity or Postnatal ward support worker or a Maternity nurse. 

You Have No Commute Eliminating time on the road and not having to commute to work is a massive plus. Saving money again, by not having to spend money on petrol or on public transport fares. 

You May Get Use of a Car Some live-in nannies are able to use an employer's car, or have use of one provided for them. This saves you the added expense of buying a car and having to insure it. 

You Have a Room of Your Own Yes, it will be an adjustment living with the family that you’re working with, but they will give you a private area. In addition to your own room, many live-in nannies also have their own bathroom and sometimes a sitting area. Some live-in nannies even have a separate residence, like a guest house.

You Can Travel This is a job that can provide all kinds of adventures. Switzerland alone provides snowcapped peaks, glacial lakes, quaint mountainside villages, glorious cities and the most beautiful blend of European influences. While Geneva the city can boast culture, Lake Geneva, museums, theatres, restaurants and more.

Family holidays also offer opportunities to travel and families will often want their nanny to accompany them whilst they are away. Always wanted to live and work in Geneva? Apply for live-in nanny jobs in Geneva. 

What are you waiting for? The rewards for this position are endless. Apply today!

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1 Comment

Josephine Bangug
Apr 09, 2020

i Believe there are advantages and disadvantages of being a live in nanny and I agree with you of mentioning the advantages.

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