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Lovely (and Simple) Mothers Day Crafts

These cute crafts are as fun to make as they are to receive. We’ve kept these crafts super simple, using resources that you’ll already have at home to create gorgeous cards, gifts and decorations. Let’s let those mums and grandmas know how loved they are. They can be made together as a fun activity to remember for future celebrations or made in secret ready to surprise that well loved mummy. 

It’s so important to celebrate and show those hard working mothers how grateful we are for all that they do, always, but especially now when times are difficult.

We may not be able to do what we traditionally do on Mother’s Day, so let's get creative and have fun making some super special gifts!


Handprint Flower Pot Card

These cards look so sweet! Don’t worry if they smudge, that will add some homemade charm. 

You Will Need:

  • Card (any colour you like!)

  • Brown paper or card 

  • Green Paint

  • Other colours of paint (depending on what colour flowers you want)

  • Paint brush

  • Glue

  • Scissors


  1. Paint the child's hand with the green paint and make a handprint. Be sure to lightly push each finger down to ensure the handprint is made.

  2. Wash the green paint off the hand. 

  3. Dip fingers in the different coloured paint to do finger print flowers making a different coloured  finger print in the middle of each flower.

  4. Allow to dry. 

  5. Cut out the shape of a plant pot using the brown paper or card and stick it onto the bottom of the green hand print so that it looks like the flowers are growing out of the plant pot. 

  6. Write your message on the front and inside of the card.

String or Wool Heart Card

These cards are so easy to make and look great!

You Will Need:

  • Colourful string or wool


  1. Trace your heart template onto the cards with a pencil.

  2. Punch holes alongside the heart with your needle. 

  3. Erase your pencil marks.

  4. Thread string/wool through the holes in various directions in a crisscross style. 

  5. When you have finished the heart tie a knot on the inside of the card (underside up) and cut off the extra string/wool. 


Lolly Stick Plant Pot 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a flower or plant on standby to put in the pot, some chocolates will look lovely in it too!

You Will Need:

  • Lolly sticks (20-30)

  • Tin can 

  • Elastic band

  • Twine or ribbon

  • Flowers & soil


  1. Peel the label off a tin can, wash and dry it.

  2. Put an elastic band around the can, making sure it's a snug fit. Place the lolly sticks under the rubber band, pushing them together so there are no gaps.

  3. Continue placing lolly sticks underneath the rubber band all the way around the tin can. (Depending on the size of your tin can, you'll need about 25 lolly sticks to cover the whole thing.)

  4. Tie a piece of twine or ribbon  around the tin can, making sure to go around several times to cover up the rubber band.

  5. Add a little bit of soil to the bottom of the can and plant a flower in it. 

Cupcake Case Flower Crown

Queen for the day, mums, grandmothers and little ones will love wearing this flower crown. 

You Will Need:

  • Cupcake cases (10 to 15)

  • PVA glue (craft glue)

  • Ribbon or string (long enough to fit around an adult head with a little extra length to tie)

  • Some sequins, buttons, glitter or colours to decorate

  • Scissors


  1. Turn the cupcake cases inside out. 

  2. Cut around the tops of the liners with a wavy line so that they look like flowers.

  3. Glue pretty sequins/glitter/buttons in the centre of each flower using glue. (If you don't have anything to glue into the middle of the flowers then draw little circles inside using felt tips or crayons).

  4. Leave the glue to dry. 

  5. Glue the flowers onto a length of ribbon, making sure that they are really close together. Start in the centre of the ribbon to make sure that you have a lot of ribbon to tie without flowers on it. 

  6. Leave to dry. 

(If you have lots of cupcake cases to use then cut lots of different petal shapes and layer the cupcake cases to make bigger flowers at Step 2.)

Egg Box Flower Wreath

So simple to make and really pretty when finished, it can go on a door or on the table as a special centrepiece for a lovely meal. 

You Will Need:

  • Paper plate

  • Egg boxes (two of 6 or one of 12)

  • Scissors

  • Green paint

  • Paint (different colours) 

  • Paint brush

  • PVA glue (craft glue)

  • For decoration: Buttons, glitter, pom poms, sequins, scrapbook paper, or any other decorating supplies


  1. Cut out the centre of the paper plate, leaving just a ring.

  2. Place the paper plate ring upside down and paint the ring green. 

  3. Leave to dry. 

  4. Cut the egg boxes into 12 separate cups.

  5. Trim the top of each egg box cup to resemble rounded petals. 

  6. Cut a small slit between each petal on each cup and gently bend back the petals so they fan out. The egg box cups should now resemble flowers. 

  7. Paint the egg cup flowers with different colours, making sure to paint the inside and outside of the flowers. Leave to dry. 

  8. When the flowers and the ring are dry, glue the flowers in a circle around the ring.

  9. If you have other crafts to decorate the flower wreaths with then glue buttons, pom poms, or bits of scrapbook paper to the middle of each flower as a finishing touch.

We hope that you enjoy our Mother's Day Crafts

and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Happy Crafting!

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