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6 Tips to Prevent Typical Winter Illnesses

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

The three main causes for which the parents go to their paediatrician in winter are when their children are: feverish, have respiratory and digestive problems.

"Always wash hands, it prevents 50% of infections."
  • If your child is sick, do not send him to school. At the school children exchange more viruses than any other place and it will take a lot longer for your child to get better. If you need a last-minute childcare solution, contact Good-People.

  • Teach them to blow their noses rather than sniffing. Keeping this mucus (rather than blowing it out) is thought to contribute to a cycle of irritation that causes the snotty nose to persist for weeks or longer.

  • Teach the children to wash their hands, after eating, after playing, when they come from the street: This good habit will help to avoid 50% of infections.

  • Follow a healthy diet based on high consumption of vegetables and fruits and hydrate a lot.

  • It is preferable if the child lives in a smoke-free environment

  • If you choose to breastfeed, breastfeed the babies whenever possible. Your milk contains custom-made antibodies to help your babies fight the infection. In addition, giving milk frequently will keep your baby hydrated.

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