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Why a summer-Nanny means wonderful family time?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Once again we are in that time of the year. The weather invites us to disconnect for a while from our routines to relax and travel or simply enjoy in our homes for a while. Going to a beautiful beach is our favorite destination, I love going there and seeing the kids play and enjoy the sand, the sun, and the sea. Another activity that we love is doing family barbecues, go to the lake or for a hike and then enjoy a movie night with the kids. But one thing that I have learned as a mom, is that in either of those plans, having nanny during the season is a wonderful idea to enjoy even more our summer vacation. The kids will have a great time without losing completely their routine and habits, they will understand that even though “we are on a break”, it's important to have rules, order, and balance. And we, as parents, will have time as well to enjoy our kids and enjoy our time by ourselves as well which is equally important.

We all know how precious quality time is for us and for the kids, we want them to have good memories of these warm days. However, we also know how exhausting is taking care of our children for a full day, basically, we leave everything aside for them. With a nanny, one can find the balance: We can enjoy our kids, we can have good quality time as a couple and the kids will not lose for completely the discipline and routine that are part of their day to day in normal -no summer- times.

Remember that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be the best mommy version as possible.

Last spring break Good-People recommended us, Elena. She is a wonderful nanny that spent our spring break with us and she was a darling with the children. With her help, we had a wonderful family vacation and our well-deserved relax and “me” time. We decided to go ahead and hire Elena again this summer and I am sure that it was the best decision ever!

Good People's nanny gives you time to do what you want.

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