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Set up your home for a live-in nanny: 5 things to consider

The decision to hire a live-in nanny is a big one. It requires planning and preparation to ensure that your home is ready for this important new addition to your family. To ensure a good and long-lasting relationship with the person you hire, it is essential that you are able to provide your new live-in nanny with a comfortable, personal space and access to the necessary amenities. Here are some of the things we counsel our clients to consider when setting up home for a live-in nanny.

1. A comfortable space of her own

First and foremost, the nanny needs to have a private bedroom and a bathroom. This should be a comfortable living space with adequate storage, a comfortable bed, and somewhere comfortable to sit and read during her breaks and time off. The nanny’s room should have natural light from a window (if the room is in the basement the window must not be at head height, and provide plenty of light), and be warm and comfortable. This is her home while she is with your family, and the happier and more welcome she feels, the better she will be able to perform her job.

It is our policy that the nanny should not share a bedroom with your child, but if there are exceptional occasions when she will need to sleep in your child’s room, it is important that the room is spacious enough to accommodate her, and that she has a comfortable bed to sleep on as well as a place to sit and a low light to read by.

2. Space to cook and eat her meals

If your nanny is living in, it is important to provide her with access to the kitchen for her to prepare her meals, and a dining table where she can comfortably eat without being disturbed. If you are able to provide a kitchenette separate from the family’s main living space this is ideal, however, it is not essential - as long as your nanny has free access to the facilities.

3. Space to unwind

Something else to consider when setting up your home for a live-in nanny is a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It should be equipped with comfortable furniture and access to entertainment, such as a TV or a laptop.

4. Her time off is her time off

When your nanny is living in, it’s important to be clear with your children about when she is on duty, and when she is not - and during those times she shouldn’t be disturbed - no matter how sweet the children are and how much she loves them. Just like everybody else, she needs time to relax, recharge, and prepare for what the following day will bring.

We know that a comfortable living space makes the difference between a happy nanny and an unhappy one. Your nanny is an essential part of how your family functions, and making her feel welcome and giving her the space to be herself will make all the difference.

5. Let us help you plan your space

If you would like some guidance and advice about how to set up your home to accommodate a live-in nanny, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to arrange a home visit.

Good People is a domestic staffing agency specialising in introducing high quality household assistance. We provide a simple, fast and professional service to recruit trained and vetted staff who match your family values. To discuss what we can do for you, or to join the Good People Club, get in touch.

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