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Good People's January Newsletter

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Happy New Year!

Dear Families and Household Staff, We hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and were able to find some time to relax, recharge, unplug and catch up with family and friends. We are looking forward to starting a new year with each of you. Here's to a great start to 2020!

Making Our Mark In 2020.

After the success, enjoyment and wonderful feedback for our ‘Seasonal Christmas Workshop’ Good People are delighted to inform you that our 2020 schedule for the Good People Academy is out.

Here at Good People we believe it is important we learn together to achieve success for all. Our aim for the ‘Good People Academy’ is to nurture the growth of working relationships for our families, nannies and housekeepers.

It was really good to hear from all who attended the Christmas workshop how they were able to identify which activities the children that they work with would particularly love, and also how easily they could fit these into their working day.

We have planned out various workshops for 2020, that apply to the roles and tasks of our Nannies and Housekeepers. Thank you to all of our families, nannies and housekeepers that have taken part so far and for your wonderful feedback. One of the parents kindly reported back,

‘Dear Good People team, Thank you so much for organising this workshop. Both L and R enjoyed it a lot. They were very happy to attend it and to learn new skills and activities to do with the children.Looking forward to the next workshop!’ A. B-P

We will be holding a workshop each month, beginning with two workshops this February. Our first workshop this year will be held on 6th February at 7.30 am, Rue de Contamines 40, 1206 Genève. The focus for our first workshop will be Time Management. All ideas and themes discussed will be linked to all household tasks and childcare. The workshop will be suitable for full and part-time Nannies and Housekeepers. This would be a great opportunity for your Nanny or Housekeeper to learn some new skills, gain some valuable methods for managing different tasks throughout their working week and to pick up some ideas from fellow Nannies and Housekeepers. For more information on our workshops and our Good People Academy Calendar please do not hesitate to contact Sophie,

What’s Been Happening in January?

At Good People, the whole team works together to not only find our families the right candidates. We also believe that it is important to provide a network for our household staff and to support them academically, socially and emotionally.

We would like to thank all who were able to attend our January Brunch Party last Sunday. We were joined by some of our Nannies and Housekeepers to enjoy some delicious, fresh food, play games and meet and make new friends! Each guest was gifted a beautiful, handmade soap and all remarked on the fun they had had, getting to know new people and sharing in mutual interests. One guest that attended fedback,

‘I was so happy yesterday to meet other house staff and you too, your warm enthusiasm was so lovely. Thank you for organising.’ R.A

We are a domestic staffing agency specialising in introducing high quality household assistance for our families. We were delighted to hear back from one of our nannies this month, ‘Thanks so much for the job opportunity with the family I’ve been working for, they’re so lovely and I’m very happy to work for them, you should know that you find great families for nannies . It’s so good to know I can place my trust in you all to find really kind and genuine people to work for - Thanks again!’ S.B

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